Escort Abbreviations Guide

01 February, 2024

Welcome to the clandestine world where intimacy meets commerce, a realm veiled in a unique language known only to those who navigate its intricate web. This glossary serves as your passport into the realm of female escorts and the agencies that orchestrate discreet encounters.

Decoding the Lingo: A Dance of Desire and Discretion

As we embark on this linguistic journey, envision a world where euphemisms dance with desire, discretion is an art form, and communication extends beyond spoken words. Understanding the terminology used by escorts and agencies is not just about deciphering coded language; it's about unravelling the layers of an industry that thrives on subtlety and sophistication – in this article, we have listed and looked at the most popular requests, there are, of course, many more but we will look at these at a later date.

The Most Popular Abbreviations Of The Likes The Escorts Have

DFK (Deep French Kiss):
A passionate and intimate kissing technique that goes beyond the ordinary, symbolising a profound connection between the escort and her client.

OWO (Oral Without):
An abbreviation denoting a service where the escort provides oral to the client without a barrier – very popular and sought after.

GFE (Girlfriend Experience):
An immersive and authentic encounter crafted to simulate the warmth and tenderness in a genuine romantic relationship, blending intimacy and companionship; done correctly, this can be one of the perfect escort bookings.

A-Level (Anal):
Some of the escorts love a little "back-door" action; normally, there is an extra charge for this.

CIM (Cum In Mouth):
A consensual act where the client ejaculates into the mouth of the escort, signifying a heightened level of connection in the intimate encounter.

COB (Cum On Body):
The client will ejaculate on the body of the escort.

CIF (Cum In Face):
The client ejaculates on the face of the escort – after they have given their consent.

A position and intimate act symbolises the simultaneous exchange of pleasure between the escort and the client, creating a harmonious and shared experience, one at the top and one at the bottom.

Roleplay (Realms of Lively Expression):
The art of creating immersive scenarios and characters to fulfil clients' fantasies, allowing for diverse and imaginative experiences – very popular with people booking time with dominatrixes.

The booking takes place at the lady's home.

Describing escort bookings conducted outside the lady's private space, providing an adventurous and personalised experience under the enchanting glow of twilight, all escorts charge taxi fare on top of their outcall rates.

Face Sitting (Facial Adoration, Comfort, and Enticement):
An intimate act emphasising adoration, comfort, and emotional enticement through a physical connection involving the escort sitting on the client's face and them getting a mouthful.

Foot Worship (Feet's Offering of Tenderness):
A service centred around the appreciation and tenderness expressed through the act of the client worshipping the escort's feet, foot fetish play is getting more and more popular, with sexy ladies like Bambi loving this.

Water sports (Waves of Aquatic Tantalization, Exquisite Revelry, Sensual Passion):
Either giving or receiving, the escort and client give or take a golden shower from the other party.

Journey into the Unknown: Unraveling the Escorting Universe

Whether you're a curious observer or a participant in this clandestine ballet, this glossary aims to provide insight, unravelling the mysteries that shroud the escorting universe.

Consider it a guide to a world where words have depth, where every phrase holds the promise of an intimate adventure.

So, let the exploration begin. Immerse yourself in the lexicon that paints a vivid picture of an industry that thrives on secrecy, allure, and the language of connection.

The glossary awaits a key to understanding in a realm where discretion is as valuable as desire.