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Rachael's International invites you to embark on a journey through the cobbled streets and ancient alleyways of Edinburgh, guided by one of their beautiful escorts, who will regale you with the enchanting tales of its rich history and vibrant culture and also show you a great playtime in Edinburgh. You can enjoy each other's company, experiment with delights you never knew existed, relax, and forget about the troubles in the world outside.

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Rachael's International Escort Agency In Edinburgh

The Escorts available to you via Rachael's International website have charm and elegance in abundance; they also have expertise in the acts like a level, gfe, rim, BDSM, and so much more.

Spending time during the day with one of our Escorts is a romantic adventure that is a forerunner of the fantastic sensual and sexual pleasures awaiting you when night falls. 

Professionalism can be taken for granted in the services that are provided to clients, such as OWO, Correction, BDSM and many others, which are all listed when you dive into our site to select your chosen date. Your choice will be hard to make; the escorts available are, without exception, unbelievably gorgeous, alluring and very playful and the very best that Edinburgh has ever seen.

You Got The Girl, Now What?

Now is the time to explore the exciting city of Edinburgh and its naughty delights. Your chosen escort will lead you from the height of passion to a chilled evening enjoying a meal, with you looking across the dinner table at one of the hottest women you've ever met.

The haunts of famous literary giants like Sir Walter Scott and Robert Louis Stevenson will be a bonus to this romantic city should you wish to book time with a lady as a guide.

Imagine the excitement as you meet your escort for the first time. Maybe a blonde with a voluptuous figure, a sultry brown-eyed brunette or a wild, passionate redhead. Your evening could start at a great restaurant, a drink later at one of Edinburgh's busy pubs, a stroll through the famous artisans Grassmarket on the way back to your apartment or your escorts incall, already anticipating how the evening will unfold into a night of passion. 

The Edinburgh escort of your choice will be more than just an attractive face; he serves as a knowledgeable host, ready to accompany you in unravelling the city's rich cultural heritage, savouring its delectable cuisine, and how to immerse yourselves in Edinburgh's vibrant nightlife, and later, immersing herself in you.

Book Your Favorite Now

Dive into Rachael's International and scan the fantastic array of unbelievable escorts waiting to give you the time of your life. They all look like glossy magazine models, and a high percentage of the girls are exactly that. 

Imagine glancing at a photo in some journal and seeing a picture of a gorgeous model you have known intimately.

All you have to do is decide whether you would like your dream girl to come to you or you go to her. 

An "incall" is where you travel to her apartment, flat or place of work; incalls are the less expensive option as there is no taxi cost to the escort. 

Once you have decided, call Rachael's International, and your Edinburgh Escort will await you. Telephone lines are open from 10:00 am to very late (GMT) daily. 

Alternatively, you could fill out the online booking form, and a member of our obliging staff will get back to you as soon as possible. And that's it; it's all very simple and easy. Sit back and relax; your evening of passion is in good hands.

Edinburgh's Escorts Are Waiting For You!

Only an Escort from Rachael's International can provide the professionalism that will make your time in Edinburgh a truly unforgettable experience; it's not something that might happen if you get lucky; this is the real deal. What will the guys at work say when you tell of this fantastic night?

The ball is in your court, and it could not be easier.