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The Scandinavian countries are world-renowned for the stunning females that abound from their shores, and Norway is no exception. It's home to sexy blondes and brunettes. However, Rachael's International has a wide range of females listed in the galleries from all over the globe, so rest assured that any preference or need can be catered for.

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Surprisingly, considering the number of people who live there, just over 1 million, Oslo is the largest capital city in the world by area. This is boosted by its large number of woods, green parks, hills, and protected areas, which make it the most eco-friendly city on the planet.

With its meagre crime rate, Oslo is considered one of the safest and most popular places to live. Very pedestrian-friendly walkways and pavements, particularly in the city centre, make it easy and convenient to explore on foot.

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Modern-day use of escorts has risen sharply over recent years; men, women, and couples are happy to visit them, so why not? Most people would agree that to have, as a companion or lover for the night, a female who looks and acts like a supermodel is not an everyday occurrence, it can also make your life a lot easier, the ladies arrive and then they leave, allowing you to return to your life with no worries or stress. 

In Oslo, Rachael's International Escort Agency works for some of the most unbelievable and exceptionally high-class escorts, who will be an asset in whatever role they are requested to take part in. 

The role of guide, showing all the amazing historical sights and museums, or a provocative girlfriend available to party away the evening. The most requested bookings are 1-hour incalls, but many of these get extended because no one wants to leave the beautiful lady they are spending time with – and we can't blame them.

Oslo's nights can become very chilly, so what better way to keep warm than to have an intimate liaison with an experienced escort from Rachael's International?


Oslo has a large and varied immigrant population and can offer diverse cultures, ethnic backgrounds, and skin colours. Rachael's International Escorts Agencies galleries reflect all these different origins and environments, giving you a wider choice when selecting the gorgeous female who will be your companion. We have also ensured that our website is easy to use with different categories, areas, and search tools. 

The initial look at our photo gallery of available escorts in Oslo will take your breath away. It goes without saying that they are all spectacular when it comes to looks, but delve deeper and study what the girls offer in the way of entertainment. This escort agency will meet your requirements and guarantee excellent delivery. 

If you need help selecting one of the loved ladies and would like some advice, please speak with any reception team member.

Partying In Oslo With A Beautiful Escort On Your Arm

Many clients will want to taste Oslo's social side before indulging in its more intimate and personal delights. The city has an unusually electrifying nightclub scene that belies the somewhat laid-back ambience during daylight hours. 

There are a huge number of bars and clubs around the extremely lively Young Gate area near Kulturhuset. The smart set hangs out there, and so can you, but you would be in the company of one of the hottest escorts in the city of Oslo.

Not far away is the centre of the eating and dining restaurant area, which supplies the best seafood menus for which Oslo is world famous. Many women are available for dinner dates, and no one likes eating alone.

Enjoying any of these activities with a phenomenally sexy escort can only enhance the experience, one that will stick in your memory for a long time; after all, these ladies also class themselves as companions.

An incall or an Outcall?

Both are available to book with the ladies listed in this gallery, so visiting an Oslo escort for an incall is probably the number one choice when booking.

Unsure of the difference between an incall and an outcall?

Most of the escorts listed here also offer outcalls. These are a little more expensive as you need to cover the lady's travel costs to meet you. Most are available to visit hotels, while a select few will also visit private residences.


All you have to do is decide whether you would like your dream girl to come to you or you go to her. An incall is where you travel to her apartment. This could be a less expensive option as there is no taxi cost to the escort. Plus, there is the bonus of privacy, no nosy neighbours or hotel receptionists wondering what lucky guy has some sexy babe looking for him! 

An outcall means your lovely female will travel to the flat or hotel of your choice.

Once you have made your mind up, call Rachael's International, and your Oslo escort will be waiting for you. Telephone lines are open from 10:00 a.m. to very late (GMT) daily. Alternatively, you could fill out the online booking form, and a member of our obliging staff will get back to you as soon as possible. And that's it—all very simple and easy. Sit back and relax; your evening of passion is in good hands.