How To Spend A Dreamy Weekend In Mykonos With Your Escort

20 June, 2024

The Greek island of Mykonos is a jewel in the middle of the Aegean Sea, famed for its spectacular nightlife, with renowned DJs and clubs that stay open past dawn. However, that’s not all Mykonos has to offer. A cluster of 16th century windmills dot the hillside above the town, and its whitewashed buildings pair perfectly with the deep blue of the sea. It is also packed with luxury accommodation, award-winning restaurants, and designer boutiques.


Mykonos is a 3.5 hour flight from London, so you opted for business class for both you and your Mykonos escort to be comfortable. Following an early morning flight you both arrive refreshed and are greeted by reasonable temperatures of 22 degrees, the balmy air bathing you as you step off the plane.

You have booked to stay at Cava Tagoo, conveniently situated at the cliffside close to the town. The luxury villas at the hotel have private infinity pools and jacuzzis, overlooking the sea and town, where you can wile away lazy afternoons. You check in after your private transfer from the airport.

After your long flight, a beach bar is in order. You both enjoy the refreshing sea breeze and the shining sun. In May, the tourist season is beginning, and it’s not too crowded. You have lunch at the Hippie Fish Restaurant on Agios Ioannis Beach, one of the island’s best beaches. 

You can smell the fresh fill grilling as you approach, and you enjoy sharing king crab, fish, grilled octopus, hummus and meatballs washed down with cocktails. You then hire a sunbed each, where drinks will be brought to you. It’s a beautiful spot to watch the world go by and enjoy the beach - you both take a dip in the calm crystalline blue and green waters. 

It’s now late afternoon and you return back to the cool, peaceful rooms of your villa where your escort has a special way to thank you for how perfect the day has been so far - and it’s not even over yet. 

You both shower (together, naturally), before visiting fine dining restaurant M-eating for drinks and dinner. It’s now later in the evening and the sun setting over the beach is almost beyond beautiful as pink and purple streak the sky. The air smells light and fragrant. 

The menu is a delight of Mediterranean flavours with high-end twists. Try grilled veal sirloin, pasta made in-house, risotto, Greek salads, sous-vide lamb, pork tenderloin, and fish fillet. You both choose the traditional galatopita, a Greek milk pudding, and Mykonian honey pie for dessert. 

The food is paired with wine and you’re both pleasantly tipsy by the end of the evening. It’s hard to think that just a day ago you were still in dreary England, where it was predictably lashing down with rain. 

You retreat back to the villa and tired from your early start, fall asleep quickly, the only sound the quiet hum of the air conditioning. 


You both wake refreshed and head out for breakfast. You choose El Burro, the perfect stop for breakfast. You can choose from eggs benedict, croque monsieur or madame, pancakes, sandwiches and avocado toast. The menu specialises in eggs, and you can even get a full English, which might be the best you’ve ever had. You both opt to have a refreshing smoothie too. 

For a fairytale-like day, you visit Chora, the main town. This idyllic town is filled with narrow paved streets and whitewashed Cycladic buildings. However, a touch of shopping never went amiss. You both visit Louis Vuitton, where you buy your escort a bag she has her eye on, and Mykonos Sandals, a small leather workshop established in 1948. Your escort buys a handmade pair and comments on how comfortable they are. You also stop in at Savvas, a grocery store focused on local produce. You can choose from cheese, legumes, olives, olive oil, honey, wine, loukoumia, pastels, cold meats and more.

In Chora, you stop at Maereio Restaurant for lunch. Hidden away in the maze of streets, this small, intimate restaurant serves meals made with their secret recipes, including meatballs and lemon chicken. The signage is in Greek and the restaurant can be hard to find - it’s best to go by address - sixteen Kalogera. This restaurant is a true hidden gem, and your escort is surprised you were able to find it. 

It’s the hottest part of the day and you head back to your villa where you enjoy the snacks you got from Savvas while swimming in your private pool. The view across the sea is beautiful in the sparkling sun.

You’re planning to head out tonight, so first you visit Bakalo for dinner. This restaurant serves traditional Greek food, including Mykonian spiced cheese with peppers, Cycladian cheese dumplings with tomato and lemon dressing, marinated octopus from Syros, and baked mushrooms stuffed with pork and gruyere cheese from Naxos. 

As the evening progresses, it’s time to head to Cavo Paradiso Club, one of the tenth best nightclubs in the world, right on the beach, with its own pool, shaped like the island. The club somehow incorporates the natural beauty of Mykonos into its design. It’s likely you’ll see internationally renowned DJs. Partying into the early hours, you both see the sunrise creeping over the horizon. From here, you can see the island of Delos in front of you, a UNESCO site said to be the birthplace of Apollo. 


Having paid for a late checkout, you both sleep late, having not arrived back until after sunrise. Groggy, coffee and breakfast are needed. You head to Blu Blu Cafe, which has peaceful views over the water. You are relieved to see savoury crepes, and opt for bacon and cheese. You pair it with a strong iced coffee frappe. 

You then visit the beach of Paraga, slathering up with SPF before napping on and off in the sun. The beach is popular with nudists, so it’s up to you how much you want to wear - however, you strip off, convincing your escort to do the same so you can admire her curves in the glow of the sun.

After an amazing weekend of amazing food, swimming, partying and relaxing, you catch an evening flight back to the UK. Your escort tells you that you’re her favourite client.